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In 2011, a small rural Norfolk church ran a one question survey of their community – asking simply ‘what hurts the most?’. In a short space of time over 400 people responded and the church ran a sermon series based on the most common responses. The response prompted people to consider if there a way it could be done on a larger scale: in 2014 over 50 churches from across Norfolk came together to do just that. The response was remarkable and they received over 20,000 answers to the Who Cares? question.

In the summer of 2017, churches across Hampshire brought Who Cares? to their communities to show that not only do they care but also that Jesus cares. The two phases of the initiative were: LISTENING when people were given a card and asked the simple question ‘what hurts the most?’; the church then analysed the responses and RESPONDED with compassion, tailoring the normal activities and ministries of the church to meet local people’s needs in an effective and realistic way.